Dave has multiple years of experience with addiction, mental illness and behavioural disorders which has lead him to work alongside some of the worlds most recognised organisations in their field, working as a creative consultant, mentor, recovery coach, case manager and training developer.

He has delivered numerous talks to thousands of kids and young adolescents across the UK in schools, pupil referral units, colleges, universities and psychiatric units giving insights from his own lived experience, outlining skills for change and life changing strategies for recovery and a new life of self discovery.

Working with the Amy Winehouse Foundation, Dave helped develop training and workshops for their flagship ‘Resilience Program’ for schools. He has carried out teacher training and held multiple parent support groups. This work has taken him to London’s City Hall to deliver talks on a Government level, engaging in discussions and debate on Mental Health and Wellbeing.


He went on to set up a partnership with the meditation application Headspace and schools, colleges and universities across the UK. Dave has studied and practiced meditation for many years and has taught it to clients, in schools, pupil referral units, treatment centres and backstage at music festivals.


Dave works internationally as a mentor/recovery coach/case manager to clients, some high profile. He has worked with the prestigious Kusnacht Practice in Switzerland, the world renowned rehabilitation treatment centre.


His work as an experienced adolescent youth mentor and recovery coach has gained Dave the opportunity to work with the uniquely innovative Yes We Can Youth Clinic in the Netherlands. The clinic specialises in treating young fellows from the age of 13 to 25 with mental health issues, addictions and behavioural problems. 


Dave also gives his time freely to charities, occasionally working backstage at music festivals in ‘Safe Tents’ promoting emotional wellbeing and assisting in recovery pathways.


In early 2019 Dave was invited to join the board of trustees of The Carly Ryan Foundation, Australia. His extensive youth work and experience gained him the seat, having worked closely with the CRFs founder and CEO Sonya Ryan, co-writing her memoirs based on her journey of recovery and self realisation after the tragic murder of daughter Carly. 


Dave is currently writing a book, LONE WOLF – Manifesto For A Misled Youth, based on his memoirs and insights. He continues to express his love of art through painting, photography – documenting his travels, writing, playing and composing music