I see myself as a creative, whatever that may be. I know it sounds cliche…but life really is my canvas. I’ve had the good fortune (and synergy) to collaborate with incredible individuals and organisations. Somehow (dedication to the cause perhaps?)…I’ve found myself in a position to be a trustee, writer, speaker, consultant and mentor.

Taking me overseas internationally, these ‘experiential adventures’ have allowed me to develop methods, credited to helping those seeking a better way of life. Using direct experience of self introspection, discovery and ‘mastery’, I pass on what I found to be useful…providing insights and the skills needed for a life beyond limitation.

“I simply use a style I’ve cultivated over many years of practice.”

Willing participants form an eclectic portfolio – from disfranchised maverick youth, to adult truth seekers…fellow creatives to scholars of their respected field…high profile, low profile and everything in between. When I’m not providing ‘the good stuff’ for others, you’ll no doubt find me expressing my love of art and creativity through painting, writing, music, thrill seeking travel and photo documentation.