Dave Noble collaborates with individuals, charities and organisations as a trustee, author, speaker, consultant and mentor. Recognised internationally, his methods are credited to helping others realise their true potential. Using his own direct experience of self introspection and discovery, he provides insights and the skills needed for a life beyond limitation.

“I simply use a style I’ve developed over many years of case study and ‘hands on’ practice.”

With a portfolio as varied as it is extensive, Dave has accumulated a wealth of understanding. Well versed in ‘the art of’ emotional, mental and behavioural (re)conditioning…his range of adolescent to adult engagement has led to countless talks, training programs and consultations with schools, universities, psychiatric units and specialist treatment centres…including discussions with Government bodies on mental health and online child safety.

A dedicated meditation practitioner, he has facilitated sessions to clients, schools, pupil referral units, treatment centres and backstage at music festivals. Dave expresses his love of art and creativity through painting, writing, music, skateboarding and photography.